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Going on vacation to Mexico, Suboxone patient, what do I do?
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    Question Going on vacation to Mexico, Suboxone patient, what do I do?

    Hi everybody, I am new here. I am not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this question, but...

    I am going on vacation to Mexico in a few weeks. Currently, I am still very much dependent on Suboxone to control my withdrawal symptoms. I want to be able to enjoy my vacation to the fullest, while still sticking with my sobriety regimen.

    I am concerned about the Mexican drug laws. I have found some information online, but it was from 2008. I don't want to be arrested on either side of the border. I would think, as long as it's legally obtained (I get it from the doctor) and it's in it's proper container, with my name on the bottle, then there shouldn't be any problems.

    Does anybody know anything about this? The more recent the information, the better, I guess, due to the fact that the drug war keeps getting worse and worse each year (and with it -- tighter security measures).

    Thank you so much, and I really love this forum, so much great information here.

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    I'[ve always taken my meds in and out of Mexico, China and others with no problem at all. Keep it in your carry on luggage.

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    You won't have any problems with legal medication going in and out of Mexico. I have traveled Mexico and Central America extensively and there was never any problem. God bless.
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    I see many people have added there info, but I have to tell you I have been to mexico, all over, since I was little. I have flown from the states to the country, walked over the border numerous times, and last April I went on my honeymoon on a Cruise out of L.A. to Mexican Riviera for 7 days, 4 cities. I have been on methadone for 22 years and travel alot w/ up to a months worth of bottles and 360mg in each. You are fine! I Promise! Make sure to have your prescription bottle or whatever it comes in, but they won't say anything or ask anything anyway. I purchased controlled substances while in mexico w/ out a scrpt and brought them back in. Of course, they didn't say anything, but the law even states you can have up to a 90 day supply of mexican controlled drugs on you w/ out a script and can bring it back in the US. Mk sure u keep all your meds on your carry on b/c if it gets lost, it's no fun! Good Luck!

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