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Hair follicle test PLEASE HELP!!!
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    Default Hair follicle test PLEASE HELP!!!

    I recently got an awesome job opportunity I just have to pass a hair follicle drug test, no problem I don’t do drugs nor do I drink alcohol. Long story short I failed for cocaine but I don’t do ANY drugs . From research I have done these tests are pretty solid and the also don’t detect 1x use so not only is this test saying I did do cocaine it’s sayin I did it habitual. This is my life and my dreams on the line can someone with knowledge not just an opinion please give me answers. again I must stress I don’t do drugs no alcohol nothing. Please help

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    As of late as I was respecting my girl Britta's thick tresses, I started to feel a little despairing downer in, recalling when MY hair was that way, the most recent quite a long while my hair has diminished significantly contrasted with its "transcendence days...
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