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Has anyone gone thru a sleep study??
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    Default Has anyone gone thru a sleep study??

    My father has always been a heavy - LOUD snorer & I have always snored too but it seems now that I'm getting older & have been on all the medications I've had for 12 yrs straight its full blown. My wife says I go soooo long sometimes without breathing that she has to do all she can to wake me to start me breathing again.
    I again have to give praise where it is due & this women must truly LOVE me or I'd been gone a long time ago. So I know I am 1 lucky blessed man for have finding her 1/2 my life in years ago.
    Ok back to the study... I am just wondering about the meds & these places because if I go in there & all they say is I have to get off the meds it will be a waist of time & effort. BUT something has to happen to stop my snoring because I am fully disabled but my wife has to work so in turn has to SLEEP so I am doing this for HER in return for putting up with me all these years mostly. Once her & my daughter sat me down & explained how bad it is on not just my wife but my daughter that is on the same floor as us but several rooms away & she losses sleep to my snoring & stopping then screaming & gasping for air to breath she is worried to death about me. So I'm going to do the entire study. My father has to wear 1 of those masks over his face alot like our "OLD" gas masks from the swat team that forces air to him all night to keep him breathing. I really can't see me wearing 1 of those things all night long but will do whatever I have to for both my girls.
    I am more or less trying to find out if anyone else has gone thru this & has it helped or not??

    Thank you for your time

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    Mike ........ I've done them numerous times over the years. It's no big deal. They monitor your sleep the first night with you sleeping as normal with some electrodes attached to you for monitoring purposes. If it's warranted they will bring you back a second night if you require the c-pap machine and mask like you mentioned. They set it the air flow on the machine and help you get the proper mask so that it provides you the maximum benefit. It's really not a big deal. Lots of people use them. I had to at one time but don't any longer. You won't have to stop taking your meds. Hope that helps. Relax! It's nothing to be concerned over. If you really need one they help. I was waking up like 42 times an hour at one time when I had to use the machine. Last time I did a study they said the only reason I woke up at night was due to pain. No machine was required any longer. God bless.
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    hi, i had a sleep study done at a hospital....i spent one night and then after the one night, they tell you if you have sleep apnea....they monitor your sleeping and tell you how many times in one night you stopped breathing.....the second night they try a c-pap machine on you set for you thats gonna help you so you dont stop breathing at night....and you will sleep so much better....c-pap machine can save you life.....they told me i have sleep apnea....but very mild....i had to have the study because i was having surgery....lap band...and as a precautionary i had to have it.....after i lost weight....i did not have sleep apnea no more....sometimes if you lose weight you can get rid of sleep apnea on your own ......anyway, the sleep apnea was a simple test, no big thing at go there and sleep for two night, only one if you dont have it.....two if you do.

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    Default The last time I was in the hospital

    This past Easter I spent a few nights in the hospital & the nurses refused to give me my xanax to sleep @ night even with it being in the doctors nots I NEED it because they said even without the xanax I have an extreme case of sleep apnea & the 4mgs of xanax was ridiculous to add to that. So I have been taken the 4 mgs of xanax for months only @ bedtime & it was the ONLY thing that allowed me to get to sleep to start & they refused them to me 3 nights.
    If anyone has been on that stuff & refused it you could only imagine what my nights were like.
    So I already have been told by several of the nurses & they even brought the head nurse / supervisor into my room because they never have seen a case of it sooo extreme.
    So I guess Robert thats why I've been waking up feeling like I've been fighting a freight train. & even look like it too....
    So I guess I'll have to start doing my research on the mask. I "HAVE" to be able to move around A LOT when I try & sleep because of all my pains does this thing restrict your sleeping like on your side or on your back???

    Thanks for calming me down AGAIN Robert you sure are getting good at that for me.
    You should have seen the GI Dr.'s eyes when he took my BP & then my pulse. He couldn't believe someone my age & as fit as I am had such horrible #'s... My pulse stay's between 100-120+ no matter what i am doing & he said he would be researching my case much farther because I have several sysptoms of serious problems. Go figure tell me something I didn't already know & have been telling these same dr's for sometime now. I guess they just don't listen & have to see it with their own eyes & even then they must think they are above GOD HIMSELF..

    Its really nice to have all of you to talk to about my concerns. THANKS AGAIN

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