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Have i been red flagged? Confused
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    Default Have i been red flagged? Confused

    I see a doctor for arm pain an get 60 Hydrocodone with ibuprofen for arm pain I get it filled once to twice a month depending on pain (says to take up to three a day which i do), had 4 surgerys having a 5 soon. I also get headache medicine from another doctor only 15 of norcos, he forgot to give prescription last vist a few weeks ago so i call the office after the holidays to get it filled. They call back because of the 60 pill scripts(i keep them separate use one for arm pain other for headaches) an they ask questions on what i was using them for an other similar questions. Have I been red flagged? I am not doctor shopping or abusing, I just see two doctors. (sorry i stink at writing but I'm just kinda freaked out about this)


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    welcome to the forum. i don't believe u have anything to worry about. if u are using two doctors for separate issues there's nothing wrong with that. it's just that most doctors, and also the pharmacies are always dealing with addicts trying to get early refills, doctor shoppers, and those having multiple scripts from different doctors, hospital ER's and such.

    it just seems they checked ur pharmacy records and found the other doctor giving u the 60 Vicuprofen and were concerned. maybe tell ur headache doctor to phone the other doctor, or vice versa, and explain the issue to clear it all up. if u had been "red flagged" u would have problems even geting the medication filled. the pharmacist would tell u to contact the doctor because there were "problems".

    if ur using the medication they way it is prescribed u have nothing to worry about. and best wishes with that arm, and the next surgery that ur having.
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    Thank you! My moms a nurse so we freaked out and she said I think they red flagged you! so we were just freaking out. thanks again for answering!

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    Whenever you have 2 doctors prescribing the same narcotic, you're going to raise alarm bells. It's basically up to the doctors to decide if they want to continue this practice. Norco and hydrocodone are the same narcotic; both are hydrocodone. Therefore, regardless which pill you use - or for what pain - you need to stay within the maximum instructed for this drug. In other words, don't use both pills, thinking it's a different medication.

    Keep in mind, as you use this drug, your body will develop a "tolerance" to it. That means that over time, you'll want to use more, to gain the same pain relief. That is a very risky situation when that occurs. Contrary to what some believe, it is entirely possible to become addicted to a pain medication taken for legitimate pain. Do not stay on these meds any longer than necessary, or you increase your risk.

    You will know the truth - and only the truth can set you free.

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    But I'm just seeing the two doctors, I'm not dr shopping or using different pharmacies. Like I said above I have horrible pain cause of my arm thus why I'm going back for another surgery.I do also take nadolol for headaches but I still get break thrus so that what I use norcos for its only 15. I'm not abusing it.

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