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have I been red flagged for my medication
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    Default have I been red flagged for my medication

    I have been on Ritalin 20mg twice daily for ADD and clonopin .5mg three times daily to treat anxiety attacks for several years. Last year I broke up from a long term relationship and was having a really hard time. I was drinking alcohol a lot. I had been drinking alcohol on my clonopin as well. One day my father called my nurse and told them I was going to kill myself with my medication. A few weeks later I went in to my check up and my Dr of several years had left and now there is only a Nurse practitioner and no DR. I went into the visit and she said your done with your medicine. That was that. She never asked me about it or anything. She took me off all medication cold turkey. A month later I come in for a scheduled check up and I have developed hypertension from anxiety attacks. My blood pressure went up 55 points. Its around 155 over 102 I think. I'm doing terrible in school. This is the first symester in years that i'm about to fail. I told her this and that I wanted to go at least back on my ADD medicine. She wouldn't have any of it and said we will try other things. She put me on Propaninol for hypertention and I went on my way. Two weeks later another checkup for the blood pressure. I told her i'm doing horrible in school, I'm sleeping 12+ hours a day. My blood pressure has had no change, my chest hurts frequently now too. She ups the propaninol. The nurse tells me to withdraw from my classes... Its now 4 months later of the same back and forth. I'm on propaninol 3 pills (not sure the mg) twice daily (blood pressure was 186 the other day) and now buspar 1 pill twice daily. I think the buspar has helped some with the anxiety and my chest is hurting less, but Its almost impossible to get anything done because of ADD. When I read a page I just read the same page over and over again. I have no problem with words and I understand everything I read but I get to the end of a page and remember nothing I have read and have to read the page over and over before can move onto another page. I have no idea what is going on in lectures. I guess where i'm getting at is I want to go back on my ADD medicine. My symester is almost over so salvaging any of this symester is gone. But I have chemistry in summer and would like to not be having this hard of a time by then. Should I change to see a actual Doctor or has this nurse flagged me so I can never have my medicine again? Also i'm not sure if its an issue but I'm not a Minor. I'm 27 years old, and my dad has no waivers to speak to the nurse but for some reason they spoke to him.
    I've recovered from my depression months ago and have not drank any alcohol at all since then as well. Its been months and months since I had a beer. I use no illegal drugs of any kind as well. What should I do?
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    I don't know, that's a tough situation. I think the Nurse Practitioner is being unreasonable, and your father had no right to do what he did. If you can honestly say, you are through with alcohol, and not drink on certain meds, then I say, you've learned your lesson, and perhaps you should move on to a doctor/nurse practitioner who better meets your needs.
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