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HCG weight loss
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    Default HCG weight loss

    Hi all,

    have any of you had any experience -good or bad - with the (fairly new I think) weight loss craze called HCG?

    My doc said a handful of his patients have lost about 20 pounds a month on the average.

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    Default Daily Sugar Intake

    i dont know about this weight loss craze.

    However, i feel that the amount of daily sugar intake is important for weight loss too.
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    HCG -- as a fertility drug. In your attempts to lose weight by tricking your body with the presence of a pregnancy-related hormone, your body may turn the tables and help you get pregnant. Within five years of its discovery, hCG was already being packaged and marketed to the public as a fertility drug.

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    I tried the HCG diet for about a day. They suggest only eating 500 calories a day and of specific foods (veggies, lean protein...) . 500 cal was just too little for me!

    I have a friend that followed the diet. She lost about 25 pounds but once she started eating regularly again she gained it back.

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    Weight loss has a most common problems from many years.
    It happens when you burn less calories and get more calories.
    You have to stay active all the day.
    Do excise regularly for 30 mints,
    Neglect all the foods and oily foods items,
    Eat fruits and green foods items,
    Drink water about 8 to 10 glasses.

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    If you are going to begin a HCG diet for weight loss,then you need to consult about that from your a hcg diet,we can only eat a 500 callories in a day that is not enough for a a regular exercise like running,cardio etc.
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    HCG stands for human chorienic gonadotropin.hcg is a hormone related disease that happen in a women during a good diet and take a medication for weight loss.

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    Hi Klopper,
    HCG diet targets flabby fatty areas on the stomach, buttocks, thighs, arms and chest and helps you lose only fat, not your precious muscle and no additional exercise required beyond what your body is accustomed to. HCG diet boost energy and metabolism, tightens and firms skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite.

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