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HELP PLEASE: can pharmacies refuse to fill prescriptions?
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    Default HELP PLEASE: can pharmacies refuse to fill prescriptions?

    Hi all,
    My husband is a true pain management patient and his DR. is from South Florida. He is NOT a pill mill type DR. a true specialist. We live in North Florida and all pharmacies here are refusing to fill his prescriptions because the DEA swept thru here and told then not to fill prescriptions from South Florida. Can they do that? I mean my husband is looking at 2-3 weeks before anyone will even say they might can get them, if they will fill them at all. We are consulting an attorney. Enough is enough.

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    I know your question has been a month or so but they have busted a few pill mills here in North Florida but I am not sure about the pharmacy refusing. Pharmacies have been robbed too so maybe they are just not carrying what you need anymore for their own legalities.

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