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Help stopping Oxycodone
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    Default Help stopping Oxycodone

    Hello I have been taking 7.5/325 Oxycodone for over 3 years I had 2 back surgeries and neither worked. I find myself Not wanting to take them anymore but still in alot of pain I take 5-6 a day NO MORE> I am not saying that is good but still not what I want. I feel I am not me anymore. I do not want to get up in the morning I do not remember half the things I am supposed to and I am just simply not me. I do not want to do anything excpet sit around.
    I have gone to my DR several times to help me stop and his honest shocked me he said he did not know how try tapering off he even sent me to a Dr who is a pain management and he also said he did not know how to help with the withdrawal ..
    I tried to stop on my own several times Of course the having them in the house while doing this is no help but the Restless leg the Yawning Running nose and Afatigue was really bad The worse was the RLS I thought I was going to go nuts each time I tried lasted about 2 days and took a pill to just sleep after being up for days with RLS and then started again

    I saw online the product withdraw ease is that any good. ? I really want to stop taking them and see how the pain is and generally just try to deal with it.
    CAN ANYONE help me and tell me how to do it without all the sysmptoms. ?

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    I think you will get some responses if you start a thread in "Need To Talk". That section gets more traffic. Also, many have the same problem you do. It can be done. The symptoms you describe are temporary but it can be hard to get through them for a few days. Stick around and get some support. Read others' stories.

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