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Helped a friend through induction afrer failed attempts
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    Default Helped a friend through induction afrer failed attempts

    Had a friend that was on a 2 to 3 bag a day h habit. He went to sub doc got bring homes to induct with tried two times and went into precipitated withdrawals on two initial attempts. I suggested that the dope he was getting was cut with fent or another long acting opiate. He was ready to give up he waited 24 hours on both attempts.
    I had him come over to my place and the plan went as follows (and worked flawlessly). We started him at .5 and waited a half and hour, no incidents he took .5 a half an hour later and did this every half hour up to 3.5 mgs where he told me he felt fine! He was so happy I could sense his fear and it started to fade after the third dose when he became confident it was working. I am not sure but I am under the impression that by not starting with 8 mg the first dose which is what he tried take one and 4 mg take 2, the bupe had time to settle on his receptors without shocking the whole process by flooding them with a large amount giving things a bit of time to sort themselves out so to speak.
    He is still deciding whether to taper quickly or go to maintenance treatment. That is what the sub doctor wanted he started him out with a 2 week 8 mg a day taking 8 twice the first day and 4 mg morning and night thereafter. After wasting two weeks and 12 mgs of sub he got started on 3.5 mgs and is now taking 1.5 morning and evening and doing well on day 2.
    I have read something similar to this method elsewhere some time back which was the reason I mentioned it to him. He decided it was worth a try since he was going through the short on cash spending too much on dope etc. and needed to find a way out.
    I am not sure if he can stay away from using with a short taper but if he decides to go that route (he seems to be leaning that way the doc is not cheap either) I hope he can stay clean. He sure sounds like he has committed to quitting.
    I guess I just wanted to throw this info out there for someone may find it useful In my opinion it is a great way to induce finding the minimal amount that staves off wd's.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    We appreciate your post and the help you provided your friend, but you're not telling us anything we don't already know. We have used a Suboxone Therapy Plan here for many, many years similar to the method you describe. Thousands (yes 1,000's) of members have used this plan successfully. It's a plan written by a long time member here, Robert325. He passed away a couple years ago, but when he retired from this forum he had well over 16,000 posts, mostly related to helping people on and off Suboxone. We are here to take over where Robert left off. May he Rest in Peace. Here is the link to his plan below....

    The induction is the most important aspect of using subs. You're right, the goal should be to become stable on the lowest effectiv dose. No one ever requires 12mg or higher of Suboxone, but unknowledgeable Suboxone doctors prescribe doses of 16mg to 24mg all the time. These people come here for help and we're able to get their ridiculous dose down quickly, without causing serious wd symptoms.

    Robert's plan takes about 6-8 weeks from induction to the final jump. Short tapers rarely work. The relapse rate is very high for those that choose to get on and off the subs in less than 2 weeks. You need time on the subs to deter your addictive thoughts and behaviors, and get your mind away from what got you in this mess to begin with. It's a great plan that just plain works.

    Thank you for the info you provided. If we can be of any help all you have to do is ask. Take care and may your friend have an easy road to recovery.

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