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Hi guys, i have a question, please help me
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    Default Hi guys, i have a question, please help me

    I am in desperate need of information for my mother. She is suffering severe anxiety which is now life threatening. She cannot take 98 % of drugs as she is highly allergic to them. She can however take them sublingually. For a while our prayers were answered with sublingual lorazepam.....unfortunately, this has stopped working and we are back to square A. Does anyone out there know of any other drugs that can be taken sublingually that may help her? Please, please help if you can....

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    Hello, amelinda,
    I know you are anxious to help your mom with this concern, and rightly so. Please understand that anxiolytics are powerful drugs, and as such, it would probably be best if you consult with her prescribing physician. He/she will want to know details of her response — frequency, severity, etc. It will also be helpful to you to discuss this issue with the pharmacist who fills the prescription. They are very knowledgeable and can help you in how best to handle this issue.

    Judging by the date, you probably have already done the above. Please let us know how it was resolved, or if still ongoing. We hope the best outcome for your mom, and for you.

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