I had surgery back in February to remove part of my right lower lung lobe due to cancer they accidentally found during an MRI of my back. The good thing is there were able to do a biopsy and confirm it. While in the hospital for a few nights there ran every test possible on me and found I have sarcoidoses in other parts of my lung, which the doc told me added to a lot of the health problems I've been telling him Anyway, I've been on meds for sarcoidoses since February. In June I ended up with bronchitis for 2 weeks. My lung specialist informed me due to my sarcoidoses my immune system is weak and I can catch stuff like the flu, bronchitis, cold, etc a lot quicker then most people and they could last longer due to my weak immune system. Fast forward to August 7th. When I saw my lung specialist. He said the bronchitis had returned and it wanted to hit it hard, so it didn't turn into pneumonia. That week I called his office 4 times, because nothing was called into my pharmacy. The following week I tried calling Monday and Tuesday and once again they said this time it would be faxed over, but once again nothing. finally on August 17th, which was 10 days after seeing my lung specialist and them never calling anything in, I made an appointment that day with my family doc, because I was getting bad. My family doc did confirm bronchitis and faxed in the same meds my lung specialist was supposed to. The only difference was what my family doc prescribed was only for 1 week instead of two weeks like my lung specialist was supposed to do. I completely understood that my family doc only prescribed it for a week to help me get some relief and that they do not specialize in sarcoidoses. They told me if I still have problems I should come in the get an xray to make sure there was no pneumonia. After I finished the meds around August 25th I started feeling better, but by Monday night everything started coming back, so I called my family doc and they told me to come in Tuesday for the xray, in which I did. Once the results came back it showed no pneumonia, but was told my sarcoidoses was flaring up. They told me they sent over the results to my lung specialist that same day on Tuesday and called him as well to tell him he needed to get me in asap, because they weren't sure what else to try. Anyway, I called my lung specialist the next day which was Wednesday. The woman on the phone said yes they received the fax, but have 24 hours to go over it and if his nurses felt I needed to be seen they would inform him. show him the results my family doc sent over. On Thursday I had to take my kids to my family doc since they both were sick. Anyway while there with my kids they saw how bad I was with my cough, my breathing and spitting up phlegm they asked if I heard from my lung doctor since they sent everything over. I said no and that I even tried calling again. While they were getting things set up for my kids shots, the doc came back in and said they just faxed over " A nice stern letter" knowing how bad I looked. My family doc gave me a copy of my xray and results and said they suggest I take it to his office so they could view it and see how bad I looked since they weren't returning my calls or my family docs calls. I did go and drop them off and told them the meds they were to fax to my pharmecy was never done and the 2 times they called me back that they were sending them that day, but didn't so I finally went to my family doc. I also told them I guess no one passes messages to the lung doc for him to know what's going on in his own office. I then added how bad I was feeling and that it was a sham that I had to come in and drop off my xray, the results my family doc already faxed over and that they didn't care about the letter my family doc faxed over. I didn't yell at anyone but was very stern, because of how bad I was hurting. Before I left I told them to make sure the lung specialist gets the xray and results if the staff cares enough about their patients. No more then 20 minutes after I got home his office asked me If I could be there in 10 minutes because he wanted to see me. I got there in 10 minutes and told him all the calls I made to his office and that I had to go to my family doc since his staff didn't care enough when I called or my family doc sending him stuff and calling him. He apologized and said he'd talk to his staff. He told me I had a real bad case of bronchitis due to my sarcoidoses and he was going to fax in an antibiotic called cefdinir, a steroid prednisone, Benzonatate for my cough along with Promethazine-Codeine for my cough, because the most important thing was to stop the cough, especially since I've been coughing up phlegm 30-40 times a day which was making the area where they removed the cancer from lung was hurting bad. Anyway I called my pharmacy Thursday evening and they said they didn't receive any fax from his office. Since his office closed for the day, I waited til today(Friday) to call his office again since they closed at noon on Friday. I was told since they closed at noon that they start faxing prescriptions to the patients pharmacy and they assured me all mine would be faxed over once they were done seeing patients at noon. I went to my pharmacy around 5pm and they only one that was faxed in and it was cefdinir. Right now I'm more then peeved, because it's a 3 day weekend and I only have 1 out of the 4 prescriptions that were to be faxed over. My pharmacy said they even faxed in a request for the cough medicine at 10:30am to try to help me out. I've tried over the counter meds, but they haven't worked and he confirmed that they wouldn't work due to the advance bronchitis and sarcoidoses. Sorry for the long story, but is there any way to report this doctor since either him or his staff aren't taking care of there patients and not sending over the prescriptions that even shows up on there patient portal web site? He should have control of his office especially telling me how bad my bronchitis is, how much phlegm i'm coughing up, and the high chance he said it could turn to pneumonia if I don't take the meds he was to fax in, but never has