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How to deal with tolerance?
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    Default How to deal with tolerance?


    I suffer chronic pain I use tramadol 100mg 2/ 3 times a day which helps a lot with the pain

    Is it safe to say as one opioid works for me then another one will ? If ie tramadol stops working
    Then use a different opioid,? Then when switch back to tramadol I've heard this works for
    Some people

    Would really appreciate help from the experts

    Thank you.

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    Tramadol is one of the lowest weak strength pain meds. Since it works for you, stay on it as long as you can until your tolerance makes it ineffective. The next level would be Lortab/Hydrocodone. Once you start taking that regularly, then Tramadol will basically not work good. Just be careful with all meds. Take as prescribed and as needed to ensure they work as long as possible. When a time comes that Hydrocodone isn't as effective anymore, then the next level is likely Percocet. As the same way, taking Percocet regularly will make Lortab work less. Percocet has Oxycodone. And so on. Percocet only have 10mg of Oxycodone and if you feel the need to take two, ask for Oxycodone 20mg IR and eventually 30mg IR. The timing and length for each of the meds depends on yourself.

    Morphine, the IV for surgery, doesn't work well for me and it has to be Dialudid or Fentanyl. Different body chemistries for us all.

    Its common belief that people want to alternate Lortab and Percocet to keep tolerance at bay, but usually don't work that way. Now, some people actually prefer Lortab over Percocet since it works better for them. I know one guy down the street with this preference.

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