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How long suboxone last till u can use opiates again?
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    Default How long suboxone last till u can use opiates again?

    I know its not smart but it really seems like a frequently asked question with really no deffinate answer and maby thats because there is no definite answer. The naloxone in suboxone is the blocker and from what i know this is what stops u from getting "high" when taking opiates wile taking suboxone. I have been on suboxone for a good 2 months now taking the 8mg doses 2 times a day. i relapsed 2 times but i noticed that i dident feel anything untill maby the 3rd 4th day of not using suboxone but am using opiates. does anyone know about how long the naloxone will stay in ur system? or basicaly how many days from the point of stoping suboxone untill u can use opiates again. thanks

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    The Naloxone in SubO only antagonizes should one try and inject the Suboxone, it's not a blocker otherwise. The Buprenorphine itself attenuates any opioid from targeting the Mu receptor. Buprenorphine has an elimination half life of 37 hours.

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    Default Suboxone Use

    HELP! I NEED INFO ON SUB USE. I HAVE been on suboxone for 2 yrs. now, im always in a quandry-what med is available at the e.r. that will override suboxone? i am a migraine sufferer. i got addicted to vicodin- no problem getting off vicodin-with suboxone-but when "whopper headache" now comes--i know of no pain killer to get me thru the episode. believe me, the pain med i'm seeking must at least rival all of the same qualities as demorol. i need to get that "high" to dull the pain-plus be put to sleep. past regimen-prior to suboxne use--demerol and vistaril- which are now worthless- now i have to really suffer thru these attacks. also-had a kidney stone event-no pain med could be given- e.r. tried to put me to sleep with i.v. ativan. only slightly worked. after the event--I STAYED OFF SUBOXONE FOR 5 DAYS--WITH NO WITHDRAWL EFFECT- FOR FEAR THE STONE WOULD RETURN! FINALLY, THE SUBOXONE IS A TRUE MIRACLE DRUG--BUT I NOW FIND THAT IN MORNING-I'M VERY TIRED-THEN PERK UP WITH SUBOXONE-IT'S A RISE AND CRASH CYCLE THAT I DON'T LIKE. ARE OTHERS GOING THRU THIS "RISE AND FALL" EVENT AS WELL? HOPE TO HEAR FROM SOMEONE-THANKS!

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    I find that as well. The sub perks me up (no pun intended). It is a great drug, but the hospital can administer more opiates to override the sub. I had it done recently, and it worked out fine. Think it was Fentanyl. The sub will block low (i.e. Normal) doses of the usual opiate pain medication though.

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