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How long will the depression last?
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    Default How long will the depression last?

    Ok. My husband has been clean off of opiates for about ten days. He is really depressed at his lack of energy and motivation. I mean really depressed. He took opiates for about ten years. Anyone have any idea how long this depression or lack of energy is going to last? He says hes had thoughts of suicide the past few days and I'm at a loss what to do. Is there any kind of rehab center or something that will take him when hes already been clean for ten days?
    Also he still suffers from restless leg syndrome, not as bad as it was, but its still there. Any idea how long thats going to last?

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    Hi addicts wife
    If there is any way you can get him to go for a walk or start some kind of exercise it will start up his endorphins and give him a sense of well being I know your thinking oh right, but please trust me on this one...I have been there and many others will also tell you how much this will help...
    let us know how it goes...

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    Default I don't know much but,

    10 days is not that long. I'm not surprised he's still feeling lousy, including feeling depressed after being clean for 10 days after 10 years of using!

    I would encourage the exercise too, as well as encouraging him to attend a few 12 step meetings, preferably N.A., but AA could be find too if he finds a open-minded group (of which there are many now, especially in big cities)

    My last go round with narcotics ended up in a detox facility (a free city-run 7 day detox place) then I just went to N.A. meetings for a few years after I got out. I'd been through treatment 10 years prior to that. I honestly wouldn't have even remembered to go to 12 step meetings had people from both NA and AA brought people in to share their stories. (This was even though I had already spent 4 years going to meetings a few times a week before my relapse after 4 years clean)

    Now I've been clean for 15 years and I attend AA. I know some people are scared that 12 step programs are too religious, but honestly, if you're not religious, you can find the right group and be accepted. Also, it is possible to work the 12 steps without a belief in God, per se. I've seen it done, and I've done it.

    If he refuses to go to 12 step meetings, firstly, I'd suggest you find an Al-anon or Nar-anon meeting to go to yourself. As an addict, I think that dealing with an addict and/or alcoholic loved one is probably much more painful than actually being one. Those support groups could help you a lot, and might eventually even help him.

    If you are religious people, and he doesn't want to go to 12 step meetings, then I'd suggest talking to your minister and perhaps finding a support group through the church/synagogue/mosque/temple etc.



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    I think your husband needs some time to relax and take a rest.try to find a reason for depression and solve these problems.meditation and exercise is the best way to get back from depression.

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