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How soon should I start feeling better?
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    Unhappy How soon should I start feeling better?

    I was diagnosed with Strep throat on Monday evening. The doctor prescribed Azithromycin. I have been taking it for two days and I am still miserable - incredibly painful to swallow! Shouldn't I be feeling better after two doses?

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    No, antibiotics don't work that fast, for strep throat usually about 3-4 days, and they only reduce symptoms slightly.

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    Default MelanieAnn just don't wait too long

    I do not want to make things worse but I too had strep & was put on a weak anti- & didn't get back in when things didn't seem to improve. Then ended up w/ a horrible case of strep w/ infected pocket on the glands that needed lanced & drained // if all that wasn't enough I ended up w/ mono on top of it all. Then the meds for the infection & strep fueled the mono & they all grew stronger off each other (All was told to me by specialist)
    So what I will tell you I learned from all this is if you do not start feeling better after 2 days on anti-'s go back in & see your doctor again & let him decide what is next. Maybe a stronger medicine will be needed.

    Good luck

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