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I take 800 to 1200mg Ibuprofen Daily
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    Default I take 800 to 1200mg Ibuprofen Daily

    And I have a concern...I deal with advanced OA, Fibro and mess from a 2010 hip replacement (good grief).

    For stomach protection, I take DGL which is a supplement called a "stomach lining tamer"......

    I take MOST holistic/alernative supps except a few meds like BP, Armour Thyroid and Ibuprofen...

    I thought I posted this but maybe somewhere else here, I'm a tad confused with this forum so far. Thanks jam

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    Have you spoken to your doctor about your concern at all? If you are concerned about what you are taking or the affects it may be having on your I would really consider speaking to someone about it who may be able to help you with your concerns.

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    Ibuprofen is supposed to be safer than Tylenol, the dose range sounds acceptable too. Still like someone else said bring it up to your doctor. Until then if it's needed keep taking it I'd say, but I'm not a doctor.

    Good luck!

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    Just avoid ibuprofen if you have high blood pressure, kidney problems, ulcers, or on blood thinners (check package insert for other precautions). Use the least effective amount (like 3 tabs). Four (4x200=800 mg) is the most you should take at one time, and for a short period of time you could do that four times a day.

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