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If anyone ever stopped subs completely , can you tell me how ito felt after ?
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    Default If anyone ever stopped subs completely , can you tell me how ito felt after ?


    I been taking buprenorphine 4mg for the past 3month , I decided to reduce the dosage to 2 mg and eventually stop completely by reducing the dose gradually

    It's been 3days that I feel depressed but
    Today I'm feeling a lot better no depression at all , motivation back ,
    Except I am not use to this feeling of living without drugs ? I take drugs because they help me face life now it's like I'm facing my fears (social anxiety and phobia ) all alone with nothing to back me up ...
    has anyone had a similar experience not particularly the same but close to it ?and can you explain how life felt without subs ?was there any memory orcognitive improvements ? Concentration ? How it affected your personality ?
    What changed in you after stopping ? Where you able to cope with life difficulties ?

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    I think Randy can help you through this he seems well educated on the subject

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    I have went through the same thing and yes I also felt depressed and basically a she'll of my formal self. And felt very anxious all the time. I also used to push out problems I had and the thing is it is reality that is hitting you like it always did when you we're not on it before you would do it and feel better. To answer your questions, yes you do regain your personality and everything you once had the reason you felt/feel that way is because your seritonin (spelled wrong) has not yet returned to it's normal levels but don't worry because it will. It does take a little linger tho around 2 weeks and up to 3 to 5 months depends on your mental state beforehand I hope that answers your question and good luck!! It is worth it in the end it does get better!!

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