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I've had enough!!!!
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    Default I've had enough!!!!

    Is there anyone else out there that lives in the Richmond,Va. area that has been burnt by the doctors you've trusted & have taken everything away from you??? I am going to start fighting back & taking baby steps but if I cold find someone else that could relate that would be nice. '
    Someone that has outdoor interests fishing , shooting or just a walk thru the woods.

    If by chance there is someone out there PLEASE take your life back again with my help & you being there will be all I need to get back what part of my life I'm missing terrible
    Someone even for just 1 day take me up on this... You will be in no harm from me but you will be safer with me than most, As an ex-cop I can teach a lot of self defense but would rather teach how to DEFEND YOURSELF from an attacker thats where I get all excited..
    There has to be someone from the area

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    Hey Leo...I'm not in VA but suggest (if you didn't already) that you join the group "Disability"...I've made 21 friends in 2 days and there are people on there that live all over the country. You may find someone in your area to hang with...thanks for your input...

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