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Just one 10mg Methadone
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    Default Just one 10mg Methadone

    Hello everyone, I am currently taking 7.5/325 of Hydrocodone for R hip pain (stemming from a 20 yr old surgery) 3 times a day for the last 2 years. I am generally very responsible with my pain meds.

    I found myself out of meds a couple days before refills and a friend of mine offered me a 10mg Methadone. Knowing that it is stored in our fatty tissues, that it has an extremely long half life and against my better judgement I accepted.

    I need to make a doctors appointment for an releated issue the week of April 20th. There is a chance my doc may ask for a UA to check my Dilantin levels. When he does this he generally also tests to verify that I am taking my Hydrocodone and Xanax. These tests always come back positive (Good in this situation).

    I am aware there is no way to say for sure how long it will take one single 10mg dose of Methadone to exit my body but I'm thinking I would be clear of it within two weeks.

    Just to be sure I'll get a 12 panel test and check before I make an appointment. Good thing is I control when I go to my doc!

    Any info, ideas or links would be appreciated.
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    yea one methadone pill will be out of your system in about 72 hours... if you got 2 weeks you are more than ok... dont even worry about it

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