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Lamictal >> Topamax??
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    Default Lamictal >> Topamax??

    Hey guys,
    I'm taking Wellbutrin IR for depression because I can't take SSRI's. I also need a mood stabilizer, and want something which won't cause me to gain weight or fatigue. I'm on 200mg's of Topamax, which I've found was making me sleepy, so I started taking it at night. I believe I'm having a weird side effect of frequent urination from it, and it seems like 200mg's is high to me. I will be speaking to my doctor next week, but I want to have some info and advice to bring with me when I go.
    What I truly need is a decent mood stabilizer, preferably something that boosts energy versus draining it, unless it's something I can take once at bedtime. I can't afford to gain weight. I've read some interesting things about Lamictal. My conundrum is that I need something inexpensive as I'm without insurance right now.
    If anyone has been on these or has experience and can offer advice, I'd be grateful. I've been on the topamax for about a month now if that helps. I don't know if I should give it more time, but lower the dose to see if the fatigue lessens and the frequent urination goes away. I know my doctor will advise me too but he's open to my suggestion too, so any feedback is welcomed. Thank you!

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    Hi! I've taken Lamictal for seizures. Although it did help some for that. I believe it caused me to gain some weight and my insomnia. The generic form is way cheaper of course, but with my experience of taking both the brand name and generic form, brand named worked so much better!!! Im now taking topamax for seizures and it definitely helps with weight loss!! This is my second time being on it for seizures and I have noticed frequently going to the bathroom. Maybe just try taking 100 mgs.? Hope this helps a lil bit!

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