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Lidocaine in Pill Form???????
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    Exclamation Lidocaine in Pill Form???????

    I am trying to find out if there is a pill form of lidocaine. One of the members of my yahoo chronic pain group states she is taking this and I cannot find anything about it online. Other members are asking.



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    No, not that I'm aware of since it's a local anesthetic, it comes in a patch, spray, topical liquid, oral liquid, and sometimes combined with epinephrine for injection, but I haven't heard of it in pill form, I guess it could be new.

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    Yes there is iam sure you have already received this info. But first you have to receive lidocaine infusion 2 times then the pill is given n monitored very closely the med is mexiletine Hcl. 150 MG capsule it is increased till you are on 3 a day they increase over 3 wks.

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