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Looking for a sleep aid that doesn't leave me groggy for long hours.
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    Default Looking for a sleep aid that doesn't leave me groggy for long hours.

    My doctor prescribed me hydroxyzine as a sleep aid, and it works. A small dose (25mg : some people take much higher doses, such as 100mg) makes me very relaxed and I can fall asleep easily. ... But it leaves me somewhat groggy the next morning. I can get out of bed, but caffeine takes forever to kick in. I won't be fully awake/functional until the afternoon ...

    Do you know of any sleep aid that doesn't cause drowsiness for long hours, say, more than 8 hours or so? I've tried Valerian, Passion Flower, Melatonin ... they didn't help me much ... tried OTC medicines (diphenhydramine, dimenhydrinate), but they give me an uneasy feeling for some reason.

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    Valerian works for me but sometimes you have to use higher doses. What they suggest on the bottle is just a suggestion, it's not regulated like prescriptions or even OTC. Maybe you could try it again and bump up the dose. It does not give me morning hangover.

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    I kinda figured out how to make hydroxyzine work for me ... My doc said I can cut the tablets in half (that makes it 12.5mg). With this very small dose, I don't feel groggy in the morning. But the downside is that it takes about 3 hours for me to feel the sedation effect. So if I wanted to go to bed by 10, I need to take it by 7, but I often forget because it's one of the busiest times of the day (preparing dinner and so on) ... So I'll try what you suggested when I miss taking hydroxyzine. Thanks
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    Ask for something with just melatonin ( it's the chemical that you're brain produces to make you feel sleepy ) it's called melatonin pura - (ESI)
    Or deep sleep (made from herbs)

    Second day feels normal , it's not like taking serquel and it does not affect your serotonin and dopamine

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    Maybe some home remedies will help to have a better sleep:
    1. Tart Cherry Juice
    Tart cherry juice is a natural sleep aid because it’s full of tryptophan. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that coverts to serotonin, which then coverts to melatonin. Melatonin helps maintain our sleep and wake cycle by causing drowsiness and lowers body temperature, working with the central nervous system to sync our biological clock. Drink a cup of tart cherry juice to sleep naturally.
    2. Chamomile
    Chamomile can relax your muscles, and is thought that, potentially, a substance called apigenin can bind to GABA receptors which affect the central nervous system and sleepiness. Chamomile tea on a regular basis can improve the quality of your sleep.
    3. Lavender oil
    The smell of lavender oil burned can bring you to sleep easily.
    4. Warm milk
    A cup of warm milk before going to bed is the simplest method to have a good sleep but it's really effective.

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    Default Help with sleep

    Magnesium can help with sleep without feeling groggy in an.

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    Xanax has a short effective life. My mom takes 1mg of Xanax just for sleep. Vistaril helps boost the Xanax, if you need to (I take Xanax for anxiety and when I want 2 to 4 hours nap, I take Xanax and Vistaril). I take Ambien 10mg, Restoril 30mg and Trazodone 100mg and after years and years, I finally found the combination for my severe insomia. For me, the Restoril helps lessen/block dreams that result from recent few years PTSD. If you have a problem with feeling groggy when you awake, most likely that your sleep was not restful deep enough.

    I recommend Restoril 15mg or 30mg for you to try. You can take Vistaril with it. Xanax with Vistaril is also good. Ambien has a risk associated with it and I discovered that Restoril keep that risk at bay.

    There is an off-label use for Seroquel that also treat insomia and wake up just fine. The dose is two of 50mg. In the past, I tried and used it then needed to increase dose of it time to time.

    So, I recommend Restoril. It gives you restful sleep. If you have a problem falling asleep, take with Vistaril.
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