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Medication Benefits
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    I've been suffering from very severe debilitating panic attacks since I turned 20. I'm having a very difficult time trying to overcome them. The most concerning symptom to me are the very fast heart rates that come with a panic attack. I've tried different methods to dealing with them from biofeedback to exposure therapy, but have had very little progress. I am very against taking medications as I've heard about so many awful things that come with psychiatric medications. I'm not able to function normally right now, and I'm pretty sure that having Panic attacks on a daily basis can't possibly be good for your body. So I'm thinking about giving just giving it a try. Being able to function in life is a priority for me. I have to be able to overcome this eventually. My cardiologist suggested that I take a very low dose of Atenolol to help with the anxiety attacks since my main complaint is my fast heart rates. Is this a wise choice for anxiety, or is there another medication or method to help me get better?

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    Atenolol is a beta blocker used primarily for treating high blood pressure. It's possible that it could help you with this too. I would recommend trying it for ten days or so and see if you notice a difference. That would be lots better than starting on a tranquilizer/benzo. Hopefully the atenolol will help you. Let us know how it goes. God bless.
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    Before I respond to your question about your panic attacks, I was wondering if you could tell me a little more about your treatment history. How long were you in biofeedback and exposure therapy? And as far as the panic attacks are concerned: how often do you experience them? Are you aware of any particular event or situation that precedes them?
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