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Medications Not Working Anymore
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    Exclamation Medications Not Working Anymore

    hi there. my name is shawn and i am 27 years old. i have been having a problem recently with my medications not working at all. i take cymbalta 60mg 1x daily, zantac 150mg 2x daily, endocet (percocet) 10/325mg 3x daily, ambien 10mg 1x at night and resperidone 3mg 1x at night. for some time now my endocet simply has not been working. i have also tried taking some adderol 20mg for a while and it had no effect either. im thinking it may have something to do with the fact that i abused tramadol for about 5 months straight. i would take about 14 50mg pills a day to try and treat my pain.... ive been off of it for atleast 3 months now and it seems to have affected my brain chemically. i either have a developed an extremely high tolerance or im thinking i might have just depleted my dopamine to a degree in which medications wont work anymore... please help me figure this out because it is driving me absolutely nuts. i will check this topic frequently to answer any questions you guys may have for me. any input you have for me is welcome... so post away. my sincere thanks....

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    Dear Shawn,

    There's a couple of factors that are likely to be causing this. This combination of drugs carries a lot of risk.

    As our body becomes used to regular use of certain medications, we develop a tolerance. That means that the usual dosage that used to work, no longer does. So we then end up taking more - and, ultimately, chase that tolerance into dependency and/or addiction. This is how narcotics (such as the endocet) operate. That is what occurred with the tramadol.

    Also, the endocet is also affecting the part of the brain that regulates your moods. In other words, it is interfering with the normal processing of dopamine and seratonin. Narcotics tend to fuel depression, and I'm sure this mechanism is the reason behind it. So taking an anti-depressant (like cymbalta) is unlikely to do its job. We can't mess with those neurotransmitters one way, with one drug - and the opposite way, with another drug - without ending up with serious mood issues. There is simply no way to know IF the cymbalta can work for you - unless you stop using it with drugs like endocet.

    Then risperidol, an "anti-psychotic," is also affecting your moods, and can not operate as a "mood stabilizer" when you are mixing so many other drugs with it. Ambien, a sedative/hypnotic, will also affect moods.

    Also, the process of addiction wreaks havoc with our perception of pain. While dependent on a narcotic painkiller, it becomes next-to-impossible to determine how much of what we feel is actually physical pain, and how must is psycho-somatic pain, that enables us to continue to use.

    You're taking a lot of things - and then touching a match to it with casual adderol use. Take a look at the drug interaction checker on this site, as I'm sure you'll find "warnings" in every direction. These drugs will interfere with one another, counteract each other and often exacerbate each other.

    So, basically, in answer to your question, I'm not really surprised these meds aren't working. Yes, 700 mg of tramadol increased your tolerance. And yes, the dopamine in your brain is not able to flow freely, given the many meds you're taking that interfere with it.

    I suggest it's time to take a good long look at what you're doing, talk to your doctor and formulate a better plan for improvement that involves LESS medications. The best answers to our problems generally do not come from a bottle of pills.

    God bless,

    You will know the truth - and only the truth can set you free.

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    Hi Shawn, Well you are very honest about what is going on with your meds, I wonder what your diagnosis is?? Why are you taking pain medication?? Regardless, you probably have build up a tolerance to the endo's. I believe you are using this because you are truly in pain. I think your Dr. needs to switch your pain medication to something different. I am not going to say you are an addict because I do not have enough information to say that as I am sure others will. I am a certified alcohol & drug counselor so I know a great deal about addiction issues. As for the tramadol 5 months of use is not really very long considering some people are on these meds for years. Addiction, tolerance & dependency on a medication are not the same thing. Building a tolerance to a medication is a biological process that is humanly unavoidable, Dr's know that is true. If I were you I would have a frank discussion with your Dr and relay your concerns to him -Honestly-

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