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Mednotes Tool. Need Assistance
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    Default Mednotes Tool. Need Assistance

    I am trying to use new mednotes tool and can not figure out how to match my medications to my conditions. Also mg. amounts or frequency of dosage unavailable as well. Has anyone master this yet? It would be great to have an easy tool to help me with medications and conditions when seeing new docs or physical therapists. Everyone wants to know what your taking. Appreciate any help or comments provided. P,S. I am not a new member with I have been so for almost 5 yrs. now.
    Thanks, Mfpdfibro
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    When you add a new medicine to your MedNotes list a window pops up with several fields which you can use to personalize your dosage etc. Just click the drop down box under “Condition being treated” and choose the appropriate condition. Below that you can select the Dosage and Strength, which is where the milligrams will be.

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