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Meds for chronic pain
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    Unhappy Meds for chronic pain

    Cruella10-no idea how that horrid moniker came to me! Have a question probably beaten to death but new and important to me. After several years of on and off pain meds for facial nerve damage, I ended up destroying my back and really becoming addicted to anything that would kill or blunt the pain-needless to say-with the inevitable tolerance I became a mess. I asked my regular M.D. if he thought methadone would help for pain and keep me from temptation for other opiates. Had broke the bank trying Suboxone for months but found no pain relief. I ended up on Methadone 110mg./day and when my 2 little rough-housing grandsons were going to be all over me I asked M.D, if I could take small dose of another med to help. He put me on Percocet and I couldn't understand this as to my knowledge the methadone would block it. I then fell 10 feet onto cement -had every bone and medial malleolus sticking out of my skin. 3 mon. later (now) have intolerable pain that increasing Percocet doesn't seem to touch. One M.D. told me differing receptors could be the reason my doc was giving perc's. I'm still in pain waiting to O.D. by taking over prescribed dose to get relief. Any thoughts-ideas would be appreciated and really sorry I rambled. Love and Hope to all

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    Hi there
    Pain receptors are the same I have heard of people on methadone taking medication for break through pain .
    2 things
    They were on a much lower dose of methadone than you ..
    I believe over 60 or 70mg it does block everything..
    2. She never got any relief from the break through med.
    It was more placebo..

    After a while Methadone is not really that great of a pain reliever .
    That is what happen to me after a car accident .
    I was on >120mg for > 10 years..
    It was only when I got off the methadone I could really assess my pain which was significantly less than I thought it would be .
    Then I could treat it more efficiently..
    If you are getting your methadone from pain management or a general dr they really know very little about it ..the drs a the methadone clinic know that the business is like a cash cow..
    Very lucrative..
    I got onto suboxone 6 months ago off of methadone..
    Now tapering the sub..
    Had some pain issues..
    The pain will not kill me but the opiates will..
    I am not a dr.
    But an experienced opiate user..
    Soon to be x opiate user,
    Take care
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