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Methadone clinic breaks confidentiality
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    Cool Methadone clinic breaks confidentiality

    I have a question I go to a methadone clinic in medford oregon they have been harassing me and telling other patient's information about me and whats going on with me. They have been doing this to other patient's plus they hold our dose over our heads and threatened us that they won't dose us. Anyone have any ideas i know I want to get an attorney and see what options I have .

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    Default Methadone Clinics and confidentiality

    Wow, a Methadone clinic doing that would really feel helpless and scary. The only reason that makes sence to me is that I have been on Methadone now for 15 years, and I'm 35. I live in Az now, but started ata clinic in Indianna even though I lived in Ohio, Oh did not have regular maintenance clinics. Since the clinic in Indiana was the only one for a 300 mile radius, they could get away with alot. In Arizona I don't se these problems, but I saw them in Indi. I would advise being careful yrying to sue them, I know it's your right, but if they are abusing their power they could retaliate against you. If you have another option as to where u could go if there is a problem, then cool, go for it. I don't want to see you left without a clinic to go to. You will have to way these options. Either follow the rules, fare or not, or be ready for them to possibly treat you even more unfareley. Call your local or state federal program that protects your rights, but start doing it anonymously. Maybe try legal aid. This is gonna take some work, just tread carefully! Don't make any rash decissions. I know how you are feeling, as I have been targeted through the state program that offers me mental health care. I fought, they won! Go figure! It was an outrage. Good luck and feel free to ask me or talk anytime if you need to sort thru this some more!
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