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Methadone to Suboxone Questions
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    Default Methadone to Suboxone Questions

    I am a paraplegic, injured in 2009. I had been on oxycontin 60mgs per day under Dr. Supervision for about 6.5 years. My Dr stopped prescribing in August due to a family member accidentally taking my prescription to the pharmacy early with another one that was supposed to be filled. Long story short, pharmacy called Dr and said I was trying to fill early and Dr told me to find another Dr. I tried to find another but due to the infraction on my medical record no Dr would prescribe anything. I bought meds off of friends for a while but this always led to withdrawals when nothing was available. I decided to start going to the methadone clinic about a week ago which I know now was a mistake. I want to go on Suboxone and just get off opiates all together at this point. The reason it is very difficult for me is my paraplegia. Withdrawals are horrible because all of the muscles I have no control over from mid torso down just go crazy and spasm uncontrollably almost like a seizure. I know I need something like Suboxone to slowly taper off without the shock to the body that comes with cold turkey.
    My questions are since I have been taking methadone for a week now would it be better if I just started taking opiates with less of the half life a week or so prior to starting subs? I know that ppl on methadone have the tendency to go in precip withdrawals when starting subs. I haven't even talked to a sub doctor yet but plan on finding one on Monday. I just fear it will be some time until I actually get an appointment which will force me to take methadone longer. I would only be able to get a weeks worth (tops) of shorter acting opiates once I know when I'm able to start subs, so I'll have to just do the methadone until I know. Also do the sub doctors write you a prescription and let you induct at home? Because there's absolutely no way I would be able to drive to an appointment after 48-72 hours of withdrawals.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Default Suboxyn

    I was a Roxy-30 user for 5 years.....150 MG day or more, 5-8 per day....Dr. put me on the box after numerous detox efforts on my own.....Suboxyn is harder, 10x harder to get off than Roxy, do not use this product in large doses, I did 1 strip a day for 9 months (Dr. WANTED ME TO TAKE 2 A DAY FOR A YEAR) I tapered myself off for 2 months to where I was only taking 1/8 of a strip per day....and it was still 10x harder than cold turkey, ween yourself off roxy and then use sub. For only 5 days 1/3 strip will work and will succeed , 18 months clean for me..

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