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My Pain Doc raided ......
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    Default My Pain Doc raided ......

    Okay kinda new here and not sure if I'm posting this in the correct thread but....

    I received a call from my PM doctor's secretary stating that 'As of February 1st, Dr. xxx, will no longer be able to write any prescriptions for scheduled drugs. Do you still want to come for your visit on the 1st and talk to him? He is trying to get another doctor into his practice to help him with his patience to write their scripts'. After some research I found where the Medicaid Fraud, IOG, Attorney General, DEA and local authorities raided his office. They would give no info as to why.

    What does this mean to me? I mean what pain medications are non scheduled anyway? I have severe issues with my neck and I'm sort of scared to even go back to him. If they stripped his ability to write scheduled prescriptions they must have found something right? I don't know what to do but to go to for my visit on the 1st and see what he says. He is a great doctor and as far as my case goes he's never been an overly prescribing doctor. 30 oxycodones a month and 120 norcos. I know of people who get way more than that from other doctors. He always drug tests and checks levels of the drug in your system.

    I don't know what advice I'm looking for here (lol) has anyone had this happen at their PM doctor I really can't imagine what he can do for me now and I don't want to go anywhere else plus it will take me months to get in. sigh.......anyone know how long it takes for a doc to get his licensing back any info appreciated thank u

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    Seems like when some celebrity checks out by foolishly abusing prescription drugs, the people who really need PM and their doctors pay the price because of the media hype. The powers that be probably ramp up their inquisitions in order to appear efficient. Perhaps that's how an otherwise worthless bureaucracy is justified...what do I know?

    I read the CDC report on the prescription drug abuse issue. Although they tried to embellish it as much as possible (IMO), after doing the math and taking into account there are over 300 million people in this country, the stats don't seem any higher than you'd rationally expect for abusers who have obtained their prescriptions legitimately. Even the number of doctors who got into trouble wasn't very statistically high it seems. 68 docs out of 365,000 seems like a low number to me.

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