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Naproxen 550mg drug test as thc
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    Default Naproxen 550mg drug test as thc

    I was drug tested on December 1 and my test came back as thc 12 ng and my sample had a high creatine count. I have never smoked marijuana in my whole as I have very bad asthma.

    I was prescribed naproxen 550 mg and oxycodone 5/325 for my rotator cuff. I was tested after having about 8 of each. Test showed as THC and went out to gcms testing and came back as thc 12ng and they said diluted and creatine levels were out of wack. They are saying I smoked marijuana and then drank a cleansing drink.

    I was tested 7 days later and after running out of pills 3 days earlier the test came up faint for thc again and then was retested and came up negative.

    I have searches high and low and I see many pages that say naproxen will show up as thc and not to take with Advil because of risk to body from creatine levels.

    Kicker is the test didn't even show up for opiates for the oxycodone.

    How can I fight this? I was told get a letter from a doctor stating that naproxen can show up as thc. However the prescribing doctor is vacationing in Aruba for 38 days. I need help here. I contacted the manufacturer and am waiting a call back from there pharmacist to see if they can confirm a thc result. I was told taking the naproxen and the oxydocones will test as thc because of the large amount of ibeprofen (sp?) between the two pills will trigger a positive drug test.

    Any ideas or suggestions or help? Yes I am on probation. I have done 7 years without any problems and I only have 16 days left and being threatened with jail and/or termination if I can't get some kind of doctor note or confirmation.

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    Naproxen showing as a positive for THC ? You are owed some heavy duty proof
    (at their expense on that one) ! But I do know that if you are taking 8 naproxen pills daily
    you are in danger of damaging your kidneys and liver in a big way !

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    naproxen is in fact known to cause false + but like i said in another post..gcms test would solve most of the problems.

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