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Need to get back on ADD medicine, but on Subutex.
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    Default Need to get back on ADD medicine, but on Subutex.

    So I have a doctor's appointment coming up in March to discuss getting back on my ADD medicine bc without it, my daily life is a struggle on a day to day basis. But the doctor I used to see a few years back be4 my insurance was cancelled is not the one they booked my appt with. & now that I have my insurance back I finally got an appt with this new doctor in the office. I'm worried that this doctor is going to look at me being on subutex & wanting to get back on my ADD medicine is going to make me look like I'm just wanting it. But as far back as I can remember ((back to grade school)) doctors have diagnosed me with ADD & need the extra help in school just to keep me to pass my grades. Idk how to go in & go about this appt without being straight forward. The appt was set up for "getting back on my ADD medication"
    Any tips or advice or opinions would really help!! I appreciate the insite.

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    At least this new doctor is in the same office so all of your records will be there. Honesty is always the best approach even when it's hard or uncomfortable. Just explain what's going on with you and your record will back you up because this isn't new. Be open to the doctor's suggestions.

    Good luck. You'll do fine and it'll be OK.



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    Thanks for the reply. My obgyn wants to try me on zoloft first so I have script now &gunna call her be4 I my appt with the new doctor. Because my old doctor tried me on this medicine be4 yrs ago &it made my symptoms worse & i tried explaining that but she didn't want to listen. &made me more impatient with ppl &angry at ppl that I didn't have any reason to be angry with.b

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