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need help to w/d...also dealing with major health issues
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    Default need help to w/d...also dealing with major health issues

    I need to withdraw but I have diabetes, blood clots, hep c, diabetic nerve damage, & a few more I don't have access to methadone or sub oxen, I need help right away before my kids get taken permanently

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    Hi solonely,

    The name you chose to register says alot and i feel for you. The good news is it doesnt to be that way.
    I wouldnt knwo how to help with all of these issues, but think if you posted this in the "need to talk" section a few up on this forum that more peopel would try to offer their help.

    This is the Thomas recipe that has been key to many who have to go thro w/d without subs or methadone.
    Please click the link and get as much of the stuff on it as you can.

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