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Need to know if Subs is an option
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    Question Need to know if Subs is an option

    My best friend has been on Fentanyl for 10 years due to cancer, fibromyalgia, and other conditions. Her doc had told her it would be for life. She was suddenly pulled off by new doc and sent on way. 300mcg. Doc said tested negative. Not possible. Now everyday is consumed by tracking down pills to at least just take the edge off. She took methadone this morning and is sleeping now but after her last two r gone, it starts all over again.
    I've done a lot of reading and research on the Sub therapy and she's wanting to try it. Just one huge concern concern though. The whole reason she was on fentanyl hasn't gone away. She still does and will need the pain management. Can Suboxone be used for the opiate withdrawal

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    Yes it can. Just wait for Robert to answer your post and he will help. In the mean while she will have to find a doc in her area to prescribe her subutex (soboxone). It helped me so much. Today is the last day I ever have to take it again. I started off on way to high of a dose 16mg. Found this site and now I can count tomorrow as day 1 opiate free.

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    If your friend is looking to get off opiates, sub tapering is the way to go. However, if your friend plans on continuing to take pain meds; if they are necessary as you've said, then sub wouldn't be a good idea. Sub blocks the effects of any other pain medication pretty thoroughly and it is not the best choice as a pain medication itself, although it does have some anelgesic effect.

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