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New to bipolar meds, abusive & extremely controlling mate encourages method daily
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    Default New to bipolar meds, abusive & extremely controlling mate encourages method daily

    Just got diagnosed bipolar bout 3 months ago. Lithium, olanzaprine, kolonapin, are what I'm currently on but I'm in a very controlling & abusive relationship. He encourages meth daily. The side effects of meds with the mental abuse, physical too & meth, I feel more like I'm loosing it & myself everyday. I can't explain really all that's going on & when I tried, the solution given was hardly a solution. I don't know who to talk to, what or how to even say, cuz my head is so confused. All I know is that the BEST antidepressant, antianxiety, the best over any pill or drug is my puppy. And I can not go anywhere with out him. No rehabs,shelters or anything let u have ur best friend, best med, unconditional love life line with u. Any ideas anyone?

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    That sounds like a very difficult situation. I have 2 kitty cats that I adore. I lived by myself when I wanted to quit drugs. I know its not a similar situation but I couldn't give up or do with my kitty cats. They are a very big reason I am trying to recover. I live in Australia and for me I was able to go to access everything I needed as an outpatient which I am very thankful for. I was able to see a Dr about opioid replacement therapy and go to NA and other meetings plus see a counsellor all through their outpatient facility. They would have preferred I go inpatient for 7 days but because I was working and it was in the middle of my study and I was fairly high functioning they were ok with it. I'm not sure if any options like this exist for you where you live it may help. Even counselling. My kitty cats were and still are a very big part of my life. They are my family. I'm sure there are others who could give better advice than I. I hope this helps in some small way Oh is there someone who could look after your puppy even for just a little say while you have a counselling session or maybe go to a group therapy program or some thing that will help your piece of mind?
    Good luck I hope you find a answer that suits your circumstances.

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