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New law restricting prescription of stimulants with benzopiazepines?
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    Default New law restricting prescription of stimulants with benzopiazepines?

    Hi, I am new to this website. My question is in regards to laws against prescribing certain mixtures of controlled medications. If this post looks too long to read, please ignore the following paragraphs and just help with the short version of this question:

    In January 2017, will there be a new restriction against prescribing stimulants alongside benzodiazepines that you know of? Thoughts on where I could find official information about this? Thanks! (read on for more background)

    I have been prescribed Ambien CR 12.5mg for over 10 years for chronic, severe insomnia.

    3 years ago, I was prescribed Dextroamphetamine (same as Adderall for anyone not familiar) for ADHD. This medication got me through college with a perfect 4.0, whereas I frequently failed classes throughout grade school.

    Shortly after I had begun the Dextroamphetamine, I was also prescribed Ativan (a benzodiazepine) for anxiety and panic. It calmed the nasty side effects of the stimulant medication, and also allowed my brain to shut down so I could sleep a little at night. (Ambien alone couldn't compete, and sometimes wouldn't even help me fall asleep for a few minutes).

    Now, just to clarify, my doctor was not hasty to prescribe these specific medications. We tried everything you can think of. I have tried every sleeping pill on the market with no luck and awful effects. I also tried other ADHD medications and other benzopiazepines, antidepressants, beta-blockers, etc.

    A major problem that I have encounters with hundreds of medications is severe edema. I was diagnosed with IC (chronic bladder pain) a few years ago, but I always felt like it was a bogus diagnosis because I only get this discomfort when I'm swollen like a balloon, retaining every ounce of water I've drunk.

    Adderall and Xanax, for example, would send me to the ER, but through a lot of painful trial and error, we discovered that Dextroamphetamine and Ativan both decreased excessive water retention, and treated my symptoms gently, without any drastic jerks in either direction. And, for the past couple years, I've had absolutely no signs whatsoever of IC. Additional, I've thrived at work for the first time in my life, and was even able to juggle caring for a family member on Hospice.

    So here's the issue. My current provider is a Nurse Practitioner in Tennessee (if that's relevant). At the beginning of this month- December 2016, she dropped a bomb on me during my visit, saying that beginning January 1, 2017, my combination of medications will no longer be legal, so I will need to stop some of them. She immediately cut my Ativan dose in half, and filled the Dextroamphetamine and Ambient as usual.

    Confused about what the plan was, I made another appointment a couple weeks later to get clarification about what she was talking about and which medications I need to stop. She apologized for the miscommunication, and explained that the Ambient was fine as it is, but that the Dextroamphetamine and Ativan would not be able to be prescribed together, and that I would have to say goodbye to one of them. She said that she assumed I would rather keep the stimulant because thats what most people would choose.

    Problem is... yes the stimulant has changed my life, but without the Ativan, I really can't handle it. Ativan alone helps with my physical issues, though, obviously, it can't help with my concentration problems.

    Anyway, so she explained that we would continue with the 1/2 dose of Ativan for the next couple months, then we would cut that in half, then we would stop it. If I can't take the Dextroamphetamine regularly for work, it would be pointless to take it on occasion and only be functional on occasion, so basically, I'd be back to just Ambien for mediocre sleep, and then struggling through the days.

    So... I'm still not clear on this supposed law that is beginning January 2017. I tried to get clarification on that, but am still confused, as I have searched for information about it and can't find any. All I can find talks about the dangers of mixing pain medications with benzopiazepines, but even that seems to be technically legal, just advised against. But that makes sense since they both have similar effects. My experience with Dextroamphetamine and Ativan is that they compliment each other by eliminating side effects and not being too overbearing. Of course, I do not take them simultaneously, but with at least an 8 hour gap between doses.

    Does anyone know anything about a new law for 2017 prohibiting stimulants to be prescribed alongside benzodiazepines? Maybe this is a state law just in Tennessee? Maybe this is a restriction for Nurse Practitioners only? Or perhaps it is not a law at all and there is something else going on?

    Any insight would be appreciated.

    Also, in all the years I have taken these medications, there has never been an issue. I have used only 1 prescriber and the same location of the same pharmacy. No sketchy business. Thanks for your thoughts!

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    Default I knew something was going on

    My dr 1st decreased klonopin mo. later said wanted me off Adderall

    I am at a loss now without Adderall, I wish I could find a group to fight this BS

    the dea, govt have no idea what they are doing to patients, I am so tired of those with the nanny state of mind

    something will go wrong, a patient may go off into the deep end, and who is too blame, I cannot blame the patient when they were once ok with the meds.

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