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norco pre-employment drug screen PLEASE NEED ADVISE ASAP
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    Default norco pre-employment drug screen PLEASE NEED ADVISE ASAP

    FIrst, how long does norcos stay in your system?? I took 6 norcos today (Friday) & may test as early as Tuesday. I can't afford to fail test since this is for my dream job & career. I do have a prescription. does the employer get notified of the name of the medication taken? This is a safety sensitive position. Should I be worried??? I am so scared. Please.your thoughts & opinions. Thank you for your comments!!

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    If you are on a prescription; all you have to do is notify when you go in for your drug test and bring your prescription bottles with you. Depending on what State, Providence, or Country you reside in; Laws vary - some require employers to know (it's for your safety and their safety - for example, if something were to happen to you ... your employer would know exactly what you are on: otherwise, everything could wind up being on the wrong side of the fence and one big heck of a mess - better to speak up now than to being one
    "cooked goose" later on).

    When I was in trial employment; I was not required to disclose anything - I did it voluntarily for I let the H.R. (Human Resources) know of my medical conditions and my medications; they certainly did not object nor did they balk. In fact, they were delighted because they have ran into legal issues before with employees who didn't disclose their medical "problems" when they were hired. So out came a special card with their own Medical Nurse who took up the information was all that was needed including "in case of emergency contact and Hospital preference"

    They hire qualified people, not based on their medical conditions but the ability to do their job and performance
    which also some of my employment included traveling. Of note, on the employee ID Badges ... I did take heed
    that a lot of employees were "unmarked" yet I knew some had medical conditions. Like one place a lot of folks
    were led to believe that small Red Stripe on a few of the Employees (including some Supervisors and
    Superiors) were qualified people for Emergencies! How wrong they were; it merely indicated that they had an
    Emergency Medical ID Card in the Headquarters in the Main Office in the Event of Emergency!

    When you look at the volume of people, the ratio of those who have medical condition or conditions; there is
    nothing to be ashamed of, for there are millions of others out there just like you!

    GOOD LUCK!! Hope this answer helps!
    Sun Baby

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