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Obtaining a Script (legit condition)
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    I'll try to keep this as brief as possible. 10 years ago I endured a trauma injury (small shard of wood was thrown and penetrated through my eye) and because of this am a Corneal Transplant, artificial lens, cataract removal, and orbital work recipient. Surprisingly, appearance wise, my eye is not nearly as bad as you would imagine. I've endured over 10 surgeries in the past 10 years, needless to say, I have always had pain but it was manageable. My eye is always very sore, but more importantly (especially after my last FAILED surgery to burn some of my larger blood vessels in my eye), gets extremely irritated and can be very painful. In the morning, you would not even believe how bloodshot my whole eye is! Anyways, it's so bad I have had to leave work plenty of times because of it. I have been prescribed 120 5/325 percocet by my family physician in the past (for a painful cyst) and they have worked wonders for my eye. Long story short, I explained my pain to my eye surgeon whom has known me for 10 years as he has done the initial trauma surgeries of my pain. Well, he said he will not prescribe me what I had asked for because A. I shouldn't be "having this much pain" and B. He is not able to fill scripts for narcotics as he has his anesthesiologist write them for his surgery patients. I am to the point where I am not in pain every day but it is at LEAST every other day and it is affecting my daily life. On the days I did take the percocet, I would only take one dose (usually about 15 mg) and only at work as I couldn't take it anymore. I plan on going to speak with my primary care physician about possibly treating me for this. My question is, is there anything you guys would reccomend I say to him to get this to happen? Also, should I ask for something specific or just let him write me what he thinks will work. I don't want anything crazy, but would like Percocet 10mg as well. Also, could I potentially just ask for oxycodone as it is less damaging or will he think I am just looking for a darn high? I ask because OTC tylenol just doesn't cut it. If all else fails, should I ask him for a referral to see a pain management specialist? Like I said, I have been prescribed 120 percocets by him and have made them last for a goof 8-10 months. I am need of something for the pain and would prefer if he could continue to write me a script for pain medication as I like him and he is 5 minutes from home. Any help would absolutely be appreciated. Thanks guys!

    I just fear I won't get what I truly need. I have had a lot of damage to my eye and absolutely have a legit condition. Hopefully he will understand that..

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    You will undoubtedly have a difficult time getting your primary care dr to write a prescription for oxycodone or percocets which are schedule II narcotics >> hydrocodone which is a schedule III narcotic. Schedule II meds are monitored very closely by the DEA and drs won't place their ability to earn a living over writing you a prescription. Not all drs can even legally write a script for schedule II narcotics.

    You don't go into a dr's office telling them what medication you expect them to write for you. Explain your problem and allow the dr to make suggestions. They hear stories from people seeking drugs daily so shoot straight and respect them for their knowledge of what you need and their position. You will be treated with much more understanding if you show some respect and humility. God bless.

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