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Pain management
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    Default Pain management

    I have a crack adiction. And i just got on pain management for a torn rotator cuff i went 1 time to pain management and i got Percocet and xanax and i sold my Percocet and xanax for crack. then i went to a suboxone doctor and got suboxone and valume and i also sold that for crack. My next appointment with pain management is tomorrow but i had to change the appointment because tomorrow i have to get surgery for my rotator cuff. im worried my pain management doctor is going to drop me for going to a suboxone doctor and the surgeon who is going to do the surgery is not going to give me the proper medication I'm going to need to deal with the pain. My plan is to let my parents hold my medication so I don't sell it. I really don't want to smoke crack anymore because i feel so >>>>ty when i run out of crack and I'm always getting ripped off i basically sell my medication for less than half of its street value and my crack dealers prices is way to high so its definitely not worth it and my crack adiction is breaking my family apart i want things to go back to the way they were when I had 7 years clean i just started smoking crack again 3 months ago and i feel like I'm in a worst place then i was when I was using 8 years ago. I live in florida will my pain managment doctors drop me ? And will the surgeon who is going to do my surgery not give me the medication I need ?

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    I'm sorry about your addiction. The pain clinic will most likely drop you, even if you are going to be honest. Things are extremely strict, more so now this year. Pain clinics do monthly urine and blood test. They will find the illegal drug in your body. For now, focus on your surgery and let someone control the timing of pain meds. You will need to inform the pain clinic doctor about the pain med from the surgeon. Your specialist for shoulder and doctor at pain clinic will see in the databases all meds you obtained. No way to hide. Take one step at a time and hope you have a compassionate pain doctor but selling pain meds is so serious, it is instant drop. Maybe ask about going into rehab? Is the pain meds for shoulder only? If so, it will not last long and you will still have the issue of using crack to resolve. Honestly, its not looking good for you and I hope things get better.
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