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Pain management, suboxone testing.
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    Default Pain management, suboxone testing.

    Hey guys, I have a buddy, who has an oxycodone habit. A few months ago, he went to a sub clinic to get subs and avoid WD. they gave him something like 70 subs and he only went that one appointment. He is on his dad's insurance and didn't want it to show up on there. He paid all in cash, for the appt and to fill the prescription. He is usually only taking 1 to 2 milligrams a day. That usually keeps withdrawal away. Now my buddy is having neck pain issues and the thought of going to a pain management clinic is being tossed around by doctors. My question is, even though he didnt use Insurance, will that show up on his record to a pain management doc? Do pain management docs use more hardcore urine tests that can detect buprenorphine? (he passed his jobs UA by taking subs for 5 days) If he is on 1-2 MG of subs, will that show in a urine test from the docs office? Say they do find that he is on subs, will this deny him the meds he will need to control pain?

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    Hi there

    They will absolutely decline to take him as a patient if he is NOT honest with them. They will more than likely test for Suboxone as it is a prevalent and abusable drug these days.
    Not only will they do a urine test, they will check their state controlled substance database. It will show any prescriptions for controlled substances that have been filled in the past. Now I don't know how far back it goes. But it is at least a year or 2. Furthermore they may not tell him what information they have uncovered.
    Having said all that, once the doctor finds out that there is a substance-abuse history by any of those means including an honest admission, it is very hard to get any narcotics prescribed. With neck pain they will surely do imaging to see what's going on. They will use non-narcotic drugs for the pain most likely. Which may or may not work. Being honest with the doctor is always the best thing to do, As they are much more willing to go the extra mile to help a patient. Besides, getting a narcotic prescription with a history of substance abuse is never a good thing.
    I hope that answers your question

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