I use to wear the birth control patch over a year ago, I never seemed to have problems. I just got back on it a week ago and I've been getting weird almost chemical burns from it.

I originally started it last sunday (Nov 25), I had it on my lower abdomen and it became very itchy which turned into painful and irritated, the patch started to fall off on top of all that so I removed it and put a new one on my back on Friday especially because I couldn't handle the pain anymore, the spot was all red and inflamed so I have been using hydro cortisone cream.

The one on my back was good until last night I was starting to get the same problem, I woke up this morning to find it half off and the same burn/rash which is also very painful so I removed that one since it was half off anyway and put a new one on my arm to hold me over until I get to a doctor, which will hopefully be later today.

I def plan on getting into a new birth control method ASAP because this definitely isn't working for me anymore but I have a slight concern considering my boyfriend and I had sex over the weekend and we didn't use any back up, (which doesnt entirely bother me) but with the fact I've been changing up the patch so much because of the skin problems and could possibly even jumping to a new birth control soon, should I consider taking Plan B? Or are there enough hormones from the patch still floating in my body that will keep me from getting pregnant?