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Paranormal , telepathy , Schizophrenia ?
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    Default Paranormal , telepathy , Schizophrenia ?

    The Stargate Project was established by the U.S. Federal Government(CIA) to investigate claims of
    psychic phenomena with potential military and domestic applications. KGB had similar research on
    telepathy and tried to use telepathy in their spy operations.
    The Stargate Project was terminated in 1995, they could not use mind reading with big success, probably because people have
    not number, when they read peoples mind they could never know from which head they was reading.

    Uri Geller could confirm at Stanford that he can read peoples mind.
    Vinko Rajic is talking that he can send and receive up to few kilometer .
    There is brain scan online on telepathic brain in file : .
    Big percent of people believe in telepathy but most schizophrenics believe that they are just telepathic.

    James Randi offer one million dollar to any person that can do some paranormal thing like telepathy.
    Why he offer those money when millions know Vinko Rajic and about telepathic torture show.
    Do you think telepathy works?

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    And why is it exactly that we are looking at this trash? This has absolutely nothing to do with what this forum is about.

    Why don't we talk about amazing Chinese food recipes? That is more relevant than a bunch of garbage about telepathy and paranormal BS. Man, you need to find another place to post your trash.
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