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Percocet / Alcohol Question
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    Default Percocet / Alcohol Question

    I have been taking Percocet 5/325 for about a year for my back.
    I take 3 tablets in the morning and then I am fine all day. I don't take any in the afternoon or evening.

    My birthday is on Monday. One of my friends is taking me to a bull roast and they have alcohol and mixed drinks there.

    I took my 3 tablets this morning (Friday).

    If I don't take any more percocet between now and Monday, will I be OK to have a few drinks on Monday?

    Will the percocet be out of my system by Monday? It will probably be Monday afternoon when we will be arriving there.

    That makes 3 1/2 days. (about 80 hours). Is that enough time for the percocet to be out of my system?

    Will I be ok to drink at the bull roast?

    How long after I drink will I need to wait to continue taking my percocet?

    Thank you,
    Bob Benson
    "The Big 40 in 3 days! Happy Birthday To Me!"

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    Default help

    I posted this message yesterday. Does anyone know if I will be ok? If anyone has any info, please reply. Thank you,

    Robert "Bob" Benson

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    Percocet's effects last a maximum 4 hours at best especially after taking them for a year or more.You are fine to take your pills this weekend and even Monday morning.By the time you go out for supper and have a few drinks the oxycodone will have been long gone from your system.
    You should re-evaluate your reasoning for taking 3 quick acting opiate's in the morning which are done their job before your luch break.
    Anyway have a great birthday and like I said you can take your meds as usual.What you should never do is take even tylenol when your drinking or at least 8 hours after your last drink.
    You sound like a smart person so just use your common sense when using pain killers and drinking.I never mixed the two either as your just asking for trouble.Have a good time......Dave

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