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Pharmacy/Change in Dosage Question
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    Default Pharmacy/Change in Dosage Question

    I apologize in advance if not posting this in the correct forum and to prevent the post from getting too wordy/long I will only include the most important/basic facts. I am more than willing to answer any additional questions if my original post isn't clear etc.

    I am prescribed adderall xr 20 mg 3 times/day (90 pills/month). I have been prescribed this amount for approximately 4 months. When I was originally prescribed adderall xr, I was on 20 mg 2 times/day (60 pills/month). My doctor writes me 3 prescriptions at a time when I am there for my appointment to prevent me from having to come into her office every month to get a new script. ( The 2 scripts for the following 2 months have "do not fill prior to date" written on them as is usual so they cannot be filled early etc).

    After discussing the dosage frequency etc w/ my doctor, she increased it to my now currently prescribed 3 times/day and accordingly gave me new scripts for the dosage change. When this occurred, I had only used 2 of the 3 written scripts I had been given for the old dosage (2x/day). I still have one of these scripts since I had been submitting the new ones I had been given w/ the dose increase. **It is not expired, as it is only dated about 4 months ago etc**

    Due to a number of circumstances (i.e. my work/school schedule and my doctor having been out of the office/on vacation), I have been unable to schedule an appointment as I normally do with her, and am not able to get in to see her in the next couple of day and therefore I am out of scripts and I am due for a refill as of today ( Not attempting to fill early, I filled my last script on 7/2/13).

    Basically, my question is this. If I submit the script that I have, that is for the "older" dosage/quantity, will the pharmacy fill it since I have filled a higher amount the last 3 months. I'm familiar with how pharmacies typically deal with dosage increases and filling them once you have taken all of the existing pills etc, I was just unable to find any information online regarding the situation I've described above.

    Any and all help/advice is apprecaited and I thank you in advance for your assistance. Again, hopefully I've made myself as clear as necessary, but if you have any questions I am more than willing to provide more info

    Thanks again!!!

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    You won't be able to fill a prescription that is 4 months old (as in it was meant to be filled on/around 4 months ago). They are good for 90 days from the "do not fill until date" and after that, no longer fillable. Even if it were more recent, you won't be able to fill it. (I'm a pharmacist.)

    How many days exactly do you have until your appointment?

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