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posting threads or just post a response to someone
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    Default posting threads or just post a response to someone

    Goodmorning, thank you for having me. I've just had a problem finding where to go on the home web page to post a reply to someone or maybe Just post a thread in general. Can someone show me in lamens terms how to go about posting REPLYS or posting just a thread? Thank you for your time and godbless you all.

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    The answer to your question is to do both. This is now your thread. You haven't shared the purpose for you wanting to be a member here and that might help. Do that here on your own thread and post your updates and things you want to share right here. It makes it easier for the rest of us to follow you.

    As you read other threads, you can post a response there as well. We try to do our best to deal with "our stuff" on "our thread" and "their stuff" on "their thread". Sometimes that's easier said than done! We do tend to get chatty with one another once we become friends and followers.

    Welcome again. Please do share your story. This is an awesome place to unload!



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