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    Default Pregnancy

    I been on the pill for about 3 months this year(June, July, aug. 2017)
    (I have been on the pill before for a longer time (2 years, 2015-16) if anything of this helps.)
    I finished my pack in mid august and was on the placebo pills, i had unprotected sex during the time of my period and I usually take all of the placebo pills but this time(first time) I only did 4 days and then I started a new pack, after that I didn't have my period and I kept on having unprotected sex for the days following. And I also missed the 3rd pill of the new pack but I made up for it the next day by taking the day I missed and that days pill. I just wanted to know if I'm at risk of being pregnant?

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    Anytime you have unprotected sex you are at risk. That being said, estrogen containing birth control pills are said to be 99% effective when used as directed.

    Our periods are independent of one another. Meaning once a 28 day (typical) cycle ends, it starts fresh. Like a clean slate. Day 1 of a 28 day cycle is considered to be the day you start your period. Days 1-5ish your body is getting rid of old tissue levt over from the last cycles failure to implant a fertilized egg. It’s cleaning house. Days 6-9 the ovaries are putting their finishing touches on the egg that is next in line to be released. Your fertile window is considered to be between days 9-15. However we ovulate on day 14. From day 14-15, that 24 hour window is when sperm, if present, can fertilize the egg.
    After day 15 thru day 28, if conception did not happen and implantation of the fertilized egg didn’t happen either... then in theory you are in the “safe zone.”

    But you’re on the pill. And when and if you take that pill every day at about the sameness time every day you prevent an egg from being prepared for release. Estrogen containing contraception is the most forgiving and the one that is believed to be, based on studies, 99% effective at preventing ovulation from occurring. I say forgiving because of you missed a pill on day three of your pack but took it on day 4 and took day 4’s tablet as well then ovulation more than likely isn’t going to happen because estrogen levels don’t drop in our blood quite as fast as progesterone. That’s has a lot to do with the bacteria in our gut. Our intestinal bacteria actually helps recycle estrogen as our body uses it. Which is why we worry when women take antibiotics along with being on the pill. If we kill off some of the good bacteria in our system, there is less bacteria then present to help maintain estrogen levels.
    On day 14, in non pill taking women estrogen production drastically decreases causing our brains spit out FSH. (Follicle (egg) stimulating hormone). If you take your pill every day thru day 15 and beyond. Estrogen stays high, the brain thinks because estrogen is so high there must be something go on already so it doesn’t release FSH. If you a good during days 15-28 and take your pill every day, then the last week, pills 22-28 of your pill pack. You will begin to feel signs of estrogen dropping and your period will begin.
    The pill pack is actually confusing to most women because we think day 22-28 is actually the end of a cycle because that’s how it’s laid out in the pack.
    Just know that day 1 (with out medical intervention) is the day you start bleeding. Day 28 is the day before day 1.

    Why we have you start taking active pills during that time when your period is almost gone, (or typically the Sunday after you start your period) is because your body starts preparing itself to create a welcoming environment for pregnancy. We have to get those estrogen levels back up, sooner than later because if FSH senses estrogen levels are going down, and drops below a certain concentration... it will pour out into our bodies and cause the overies to produce the egg.

    So you said you didn’t take the last few placebos. That’s ok. Their is no estrogen in those anyway. They are merely there as daily reminders to take a pill everyday. The keep a woman on track. Day one of a pill pack is really day 8 of our cycle. So you are still theoretically safe. Missing one pill and taking it as soon as you remember, you’re probably ok and I wouldn’t get too worried as long as you don’t miss any more days. If you do miss more days, the catching up is fine, but we recommend using a second form of contraception during that pill pack even if you promise not to miss any more! If hormone levels go up and down irratically chances of pregnancy increases dramatically. We recommend a second form of pregnancy prevention because the pill wasn’t taken as directed and the chances of preventing pregnancy are no longer 99%. If you think, “why bother continuing to take the pack if I missed so many days.” Because estrogen levels will drop, and your period might start at the most inconvenient time or you might not have a normal period, rather you’d have spotting. It makes it difficult to find the perfect opportunity by using a real period to start a new pack of pills rather than some breakthrough spotty days mid cycle.

    Long story short:
    1. Missing placebo pills is fine. Having sex during those days still keeps the risk at 1%.

    2. Missing a pill and catching up generally keeps that risk of getting pregant very low. But just know that it’s not something you should be ok with doing if preventing pregnancy is your goal. The window of risk now becomes greater than that 1%. But it’s still low. (This pertains to estrogen containing pills only, by the way.)

    3. Our bodies prepare every month for a potential pregnancy. It’s just how we, as women work. We know how our hormones behave to create this cycle. We also have learned how to override this natural system with synthetic hormones. If you have a hard time with taking a pill every day, then our bodies will do everything it knows to do to become pregnant. There are other options like patches, or rings that are inserted vaginally, once a month. Condoms. Injections. IUDs. Just to name a few. In today’s world, if you are serious about preventing pregnancy and still want to have sex, it’s possible. You really just have to be responsible about it all.
    If you’re worried, you kinda have to wait until you’re late, or a few days before your period is due, to get an accurate result when testing for pregnancy.

    There are options out there that are available over the counter that can prevent pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. But it’s not a reliable nor suitable or even healthy birth control option. It’s considered emergency contraception.

    If you’re on progesterone only pills: In the US we have multiple generic manufactures of the same synthetic hormone: norethindrone 0.35mcg tables. They come in a 28 day pack and all 28 pills are active. You take these every day. You may spot a little or have a very light period when you first start these pills. But overtime, because you take one active pill everyday.... we are keeping progesterone levels higher than they are naturally which also prevents an egg from being produced. If you miss one pill, no matter where you are in that pack, levels drop quickly. If you usually take it every morning with your cup of coffee and you forgot... and took it at 1pm... levels may fall that quickly and ovulation may occur. Progestone only pills are typically reserved for breastfeeding women and for those women who can not take estrogen because they have a history of blood clots or some cardiovascular issue. Women who smoke while on estrogen containing pills increase their risk of blood clots and stroke by 35%. If you want to be on the pill, yet find quitting smoking difficult then it’s best for you to be on the progesterone only pill. It’s effectiveness when taken every 24 hours is around 97%.

    I hope I answers your question.

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