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Prescription Problems
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    Default Prescription Problems

    Recently I had cancelled my Xanax prescription 2mg/2× due to the fact that they change the person I am. I have been prescribed Valium as well. I called my doctor to ask for a refill of the Valium, telling him I had cancelled the Xanax script. He must have misheard me and called in a script for Ativan .5/2× day. I picked up the ativan and called the doctor and left a message right away. I had the Ativan for two days and instead of taking the .5 2x I had taken 2mg twice a day due to the fact that is what the maintanence dose for anxiety is. My doctor called in the Valium for me but the pharmacist wants my ativan prescription back. There are 16 pills missing and there should only be 4 gone. Question is 1. do I explain this to the pharmacist 2. Is he allowed to do this 3. Should I just wait a week before going to pick up the valium? Thanks for any and all input. New user to the forums. I don't abuse my medications but I'm not dealing with anxiety when my doctor messes up.

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    You're absolutely right, he didn't give you the right equivalency of Ativan. I have never heard of a pharmacist asking for a prescription back. When I was in a situation like that where a drug didn't work and the doctor gave me something else, I just picked up the new prescription and threw away the other one. It's not like they'll give you your money back, they can't reuse the pills. You could throw them away and then tell the pharmacist you already threw them away and you'd be telling the truth.

    However, if your state has a prescription monitoring program, it is going to have in it that you picked up both prescriptions. It's possible the pharmacist is trying to do you a favor by taking it back, maybe he will then notify the program you turned it back in? If that's the case, you could just give him the bottle back and maybe they won't care how many are missing if they see most of it is there. If you, in general, don't abuse pills and always follow doctors orders, your record in the monitoring program should reflect that, and it really should be a non-issue. 12 extra pills in a year's worth of data aren't going to raise a huge flag.

    I can't really tell you what you should do. If it were me, it would depend on the relationship of trust I had with my doctor and my pharmacist. If the pharmacy is locally owned, and I've gotten to know the owners over several years, I might do one thing. If it's a big chain with a different staff every week, I might do something else. In any case the most important thing is to have an understanding with the doctor and his intent. If his intent is to keep you on the same level of treatment, then he should understand what you did. If he was intending to cut down your dose that much, then you have another problem. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Good luck.

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