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Question about PAWS????
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    Question Question about PAWS????

    I am currently withdrawling from 3-4 years of Suboxone use....the last year..only about 2mg per day...but before that...up to 24mgs daily!! And before that, 10 years of opiate use...Many different kinds and strengths!! My question in about PAWS.....I have read that I may experience this for up to 18 months??? Is this true...and how bad are they?? I know that they probably vary with each person, but some one on another site said that they are Rare?? I never read that?? I would like to believe them, but it's not what I have read!! I am on Day 36..Clean right now, and have been sneezing more again, after almost stopping, and my energy has went from pretty good, to, lousy again?? I think Paws, but maybe I'm just run down or something else is going on?? Any input would be Greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!!..Dave

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    Hello Dave...

    I'm currently at 70 days off of subs and I havn't had PAWS yet to my knowledge. I came off of a very high dose, and very quickly, after 4+ years of 32mgs/day. Everybody's system is different, but if I start to hit a wall, I'll let you know so you have a heads up of something you can potentially look out for. I've had some lethargic days lately, but for the most part I'm feeling close to normal. Keep doing work in the gym, and you should be fine with your positive additude.
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    Thanks Sublime,
    Believe me...I am going to the Gym right hard as it is some days!! Also, I TRY very hard to keep a positive attitude, as I know that is soo important as well!! Feeling sorry for myself..because of what I did to myself is NOT the answer....For SURE!! Congrats on 70 Days...after that high of dose,,for that Long!! Great JOB!!! That right there is inspiring to ME!! Stay Strong My Friend!!

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