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quitting pain pills with suboxo or cold turkey?
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    Thumbs up quitting pain pills with suboxo or cold turkey?

    Im 30 years old and trying to quit pain pills.Been doing them for about 4 years and cant get off em.made a decision to go to a treatment center tomorrow for assesment.but i want to go to go and try suboxone but ive been thinking i did quit for 3 weeks cold turkey about a year ago and got drunk one night and started back.Now I think Im gonna do it on my own out of spite cause some of my family members for what they said.I wont have that bad withdrawls like some of you have but ill have some and than the mental part comes in and I know what i got to do work out eat right stay busy dont think about it and just man up and do it on my own.any advice on some othe things i can do to help me with the mental part or any advice at all cause ive been through what you all have and i think i would feel better to do it my way last day day was today 8/18/08.ill keep you guys more thing people that havnt had to go through this piss me off cause they say were weak.thank god for this board i learned alot tonight so i just wanted to say thanks to all of you and be strong cause we can get through it together.

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    4 years of addiction is enough to cause some chemical changes in your brain.You really should seek out proffessional help as it will give you the tools to quit and stay quit.
    Suboxone can be used as a 3 week detox which in your case would be a good idea.
    The problem is you don't know how to stay quit which is a problem for most addicts.
    Do you have access to things like NA\AA?? I myself aren't a big fan of these programs as they are faith based but they do help some people and I think that if you are a believer then they are worth checking out.
    You are at a critical stage in your addiction were you can go either way.When I was at this junction in my addiction I chose to keep abusing and it took me almost 20 more years to get into recovery.I've been on methadone for almost 6 years now.I started out on 400mgs a day and in the last 2 years I have come down to 190 mgs a day.I feel great and work part time which is good for me mentally as well as physically.
    Anyway,I'm getting away from your problem and I can tell you to do this now or your going to head into a very bad time in your life were you will either die or spend the rest of your life a junkie.So good luck to you and hang in there because you know you can do this.......Dave

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