hi guys, like my username? xD I joined this site because for 7 months everyday I've been in constant pain...all the time...I'm never fine. before that, before Christmas, I was a bit better. having "progress." you see last Spring I was diagnosed with unprovoked Vulvodynia. I've never been able to have comfortable sex, sex always hurt. now it just got worse over time though. growing up I spent all my time on a bicycle, growing up in the country...went horseback riding...took bubble baths, was fine. only experienced pain when I tried to have sex for the first time at 16. horrible pain just thought I was nervous and shrugged it off for years as I was single quite a while after that guy left me. then tried again with another guy. another thing to note last year for 10 months I was on Testosterone as I am transgender. (went off it after, wasn't for me) I was BEST during this time though I still couldn't really have intercourse but was sexually active and only had pain when attempted intercourse. after I met my current bf it became serious we wanted sex so bad so I went to see a gyno. since going the first time I've seen 4 different ones. got prescribed many topical creams...amitriptalyne topical 2%, 5% lidocaine (this is over the counter but one told me back then to use it daily) and more recently, estrogen creams, though I can only use the one on outside for vulva. I could not use the estrogen cream to insert, I managed it once but couldn't get it high in vagina as it hurt too much and made a mess.

it got worse and my troubles really started around December 2016. I got a bacterial infection and got prescribed a 14 day antibiotic treatment. before I was even finished the treatment, before I could tell if that infection had cleared or not, I got a nasty yeast infection, first one of my life. awful thick gross discharge, awful burning and itching. I took a Canesten pill, but was allergic to the Canesten cream. it seemed to clear.
however after I wasn't the same. since then I've had constant rawness and redness around the entrance to my vagina and also my vulva and constant discomfort and pain "flareups" that would happen randomly...my sex life died. then more recently I got diagnosed with bacterial infection, again....! I got a 7 day antibiotic treatment this time. then I got bad pain, and a tiny amount of very thin, clear discharge. for around 3 days during my antibiotic treatment I had a NASTY odor but then it disappeared. the discharge also seemed to go but the pain didn't.
my pharmacist recommended me Canesten comfort tab which is inserted. I was nervous because of my "vulvodynia" but she said it could clear both the bacterial and yeast so I thought let's try, what could go wrong?
but it went wrong. it went SO WRONG. I'd like to mention it's now 2:46am Tuesday, May 23rd. I tried inserting this Canesten thing around 2am Friday night. it hurt so bad and failed miserably-it barely went in at all, most of it even stuck out of me. it hurt so bad. I tried forcibly yanking it out, desperate, to get it out of me-but it was stuck. I've never had such horrible pain in my life...I bawled my eyes out all night, shaking in pain, almost puked a few times, my bf laid beside me all night. it started to crumble and I clawed as much of it out as possible by myself but some of it was stuck a bit deeper and I couldn't remove it. I'd say I had this substance inside me for about 10 hours. next morning I went to hospital, waited 3 hrs for doctor then she removed the rest for me, did a swab (which I'm still waiting for results) and prescribed me 150mg flucanazole (one time treatment) for yeast, she took one look at me and said I was showing signs of yeast even though my previous swab from about a month ago only came back positive for bacterial...she said bacterial infections should have bad odor only and not redness/pain/itching...I told her I've had this redness and pain and itching from time to time for past 7 months...she also prescribed a cream that is Hyderm 1% and ketoderm 2% and told to apply to affected area to help with redness, rawness and swelling 2-3 times a day and also prescribed Tylenol 3 for my pain.

I also picked up a probiotic at pharmacy. it's a kid's one, in a powder that's sweet almost like a pixie stick (since I have lactose sensitivity and pill form had skim milk in it) and have taken 1 of those daily since Friday.

however researching says I should've felt relief 24hr after taking flucanazole?! I took it midday Friday and NO relief. only feel temporary relief from lidocaine+tylenol but pain always comes back and at this point my stomach is upset and I have dry mouth (yellow tongue) from the tylenol. when I got this I also had 2 doses of the antibiotic left which I finished.

research also says rare yeast strains can exist and labs find it hard to pick up on swabs. all my treatments thus far, including for vulvodynia, have been pretty ineffective. pain/discomfort/redness/itching always returns though it is rare I have discharge or strong odor but do sometimes. I've also had anal itching for years, idk if that's relevant? (i don't think my partner has anything, he doesn't experience itching down there)

I don't know just according to many sources I should have relief but don't. I've been using the cream and still all raw and red and still in so much unbearable pain I spend most time lying down can barely sit. I'm freaking out, i can't go to work like this! is it just too soon? I'm thinking of calling my gyno tomorrow or the pharmacist or both but my pharmacist found my whole situation very confusing and bizarre especially since the doc at the hospital said I had yeast but swabs from a month ago had no yeast!

but if rare yeast is hard to detect and yeast doesn't ALWAYS have discharge/itching...is it just possible...that I've been misdiagnosed and have just had a rare strain of yeast this whole time? maybe I don't have vulvodynia at all? please give me your thoughts. is it possible to have yeast for like a year or longer and have it not clear?

also, I'm lactose sensitive and yogurt does NOT like me. I can eat greek yogurt and tolerate it MUCH better than other yogurt. does greek yogurt work as well? I also read dropping oregano oil under your tongue daily can help, is it true?
also mention I urinate a lot, it stings/hurts when I urinate and if I had any relief that relief is GONE the moment I urinate. tho I am very small 5'0 less than 100 pounds so maybe that's normal. I'm also pretty poor and crave carbs (bread, etc) and sugar a LOT. I cut out pop, but eating healthier would be hard due to being broke all the time. what are some cheaper healthier foods I can eat to combat/prevent yeast infections?

idk I just feel hopeless, I will make calls tomorrow, but docs feel worthless at this point like they only have me blow money on things that don't work! I just want to feel normal again!!