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Really Need Some advice/ suboxone
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    Default Really Need Some advice/ suboxone

    Hello I posted days ago and got no response. I'm looking to ween off of Subs.My Dr. Doesn't feel I should But I'm very ready to do so. Can anyone please help me? Ty

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    Hey Sassy - I'm sorry no one has responded to you yet. It's probably because of where you placed this thread. This section usually gets very little responses. Go back to the main page and find the Prescription Drug section and click on it. Then find the Suboxone Section and click on that. That is the very best place for your thread and will get many responses.

    I'll respond to you again there once you get your new thread started. Please make all posts on that thread from now on because it gets very confusing if a member has multiple threads.

    As for tapering of Suboxone we use a taper plan written by a long time member. Here's the link to it below. Click on the link and follow the directions. We'll be around to help you all the way.

    The plan explains itself very well. Reduce your current dose by 25% every 4 or so days. Reduce only when completely stable with no withdrawal symptoms.

    I'm sure I'll talk to you later. Take care and best wishes. Have no fear - you can do this!


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